You Spoke….We Listened!

We have taken on board all the helpful feedback we have received over the last few months, gone back to the drawing board and made some changes we think you’ll like.

As you may have noticed our website has been re-vamped. We will no longer be using eConsult. Instead we have returned to the telephone system for triage and added our own tailor made contact form for general enquiries and requests only.

You will no longer need to access a computer, submit a report or answer lengthy online questions to be seen by a clinician.

If you’re feeling unwell, all you need to do is call our new number : 03000 843 200

Lines are open from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm every day except weekends & bank holidays.

You will be triaged and contacted via telephone if our clinicians decide you need an appointment. Our telephone message currently mentions eConsult. Our local health board are in the process of changing this but we have been informed this could take 6 weeks. In the meantime press option 1 for triage / reception and disregard any directions pertaining to eConsult.

For all other general queries and requests:

Routine blood test appointments, medication review appointments, blood pressure appointments, dispensary queries, administration queries, new patient registrations, sick notes and private work including medicals, shotgun licenses and insurance reports.

you can use our new contact form which you can access via our website. Click on the “Contact Tywyn Health Centre” image wherever you see it and you will be taken straight to our new contact form.

Community is at the heart of everything we do so please let us know how we can provide the best possible service to you. We welcome your feedback and we hope you like the changes we have made.

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