We now offer a home delivery service to eligible dispensary patients and to any patient who requires ostomy products.  You will need to register for this service, and forms are available from the dispensary.  Our usual delivery day is Thursday.


The Dispensary opened in December 2009, with our aim being to provide a convenient and simple way for all eligible patients to order and collect their medication.

We are able to dispense for any person living outside of a 1 mile radius of any chemist, within our practice area.

However if you have what the Local Health Board deems ‘serious difficulty’ accessing your local chemist you can apply for special dispensation which would allow us to dispense for you. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis by the local health board. Please enquire with one of our Dispensers if you have any queries on this matter.

We can also dispense for temporary residents (this applies to any person who is registered with another practice, for example in England, but requires urgent medication or medical treatment).

We can also dispense private prescriptions for dispensing and non-dispensing patients.

Choice of Collection Point

When you sign the form which enables us to dispense for you, this does not mean you always have to collect your prescriptions from the dispensary.

We can stamp your re-order form. This offers you a choice of destination. Simply tick where you want to collect your prescription and we will either send it to the local chemist or dispense it here, as you choose. If there is no stamp on your re-order form, simply write where you would like to collect your medication.