Make An Appointment

Appointments can be made in person or by telephone on 01654 713000. If you require an emergency appointment or home visit you will receive a call from our Triage Nurse, who will take your symptoms. The Triage Nurse will provide advice on minor illnesses and arrange an appropriate appointment for you. Calls in the morning may take longer to answer and deal with, as this is one of our busiest times.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please inform us as soon as possible as this will allow others to be seen sooner.

Appointment System

We have up to 10 different types of appointments each day.

  1. Triage Appointments – these are initially by telephone by the Triage nurse to assess the patient’s symptoms for emergency appointments and home visits.
  2. On the day appointments are for urgent must be seen conditions. Each doctor has a certain amount of these appointments each day. These appointments can be booked from 8.00am onwards on the day.
  3. Emergency appointments with the Doctor on-call that day. These will be arranged via the Triage Nurse.
  4. Daily GP routine appointments. These appointments allow you to see the doctor of your choice for routine conditions, or if your doctor has recommended that you see him/her. Routine appointments may be made from two to up to four weeks in advance, which will enable us to offer you an appointment at a time more suitable to your requirements.
  5. Daily minor illness appointments with Sr Gwawr, Senior Nurse Practitioner who treats minor illness.
  6. Daily appointments are also available with our practice nurses.
  7. Daily appointment with our Health Care Assistant for BP and ECG monitoring, and your general medication review.
  8. Daily appointments with our Phlebotomist, for blood tests and monitoring INR’s.
  9. Telephone consultation appointments. This can be to discuss aspects of your care for an existing problem or results of investigations. This type of appointment is available daily.
  10. Home visits are available on request. These will be arranged via our Triage Nurse and are only available for house bound patients. The Practice is unable to assist in transport arrangements. If you think you need a home visit please phone before 10:00am. Please click here for more information.


PLEASE USE OUR APPOINTMENT SYSTEM APPROPRIATELY FOR YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS.  If you have queries about your referral please speak to our medical secretary before taking a GP appointment. If you have queries about your test results please ring after 10.00am.