Request a Fit Note

You are able to self certificate for the first 7 days of your illness and we do not normally issue doctor’s certificates during this time. The seven days includes days that you don’t normally work. So when you work out how long you’ve been off sick, you should include weekends and bank holidays.

After the first week, a fit note can be obtained from the doctor as part of a consultation.

Sickness of seven days or fewer

Many employers have their own self-certification forms. If your employer doesn’t have its own form, instead of it you may use an SC2 form from HM Revenue & Customs: Employee’s Statement of Sickness.

For further information on Fit Notes please click here.

Fit For Work

We are able to refer patients who are in work, to the Fit for Work service.  This is for patients who will be off work for over 4 weeks.  This Government service provides occupational health advice and support to the patient.